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Surface disinfection by intense pulsed light

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Intense pulsed light technology

A simple, effective physical surface disinfection process

Thanks to the intensity of its light flashes

Eloane eliminates all pathogenic micro-organisms present on a surface in just 10 minutes.

Tested in accordance with EN 17 272 – bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal, virucidal.

We offer a comprehensive service that includes the provision of ELOANE on your site, implementation by one of our experts, and delivery of the final report guaranteeing the conformity of microbiological results

is the only service based on the ELOANE process of surface disinfection by intense pulsed light. This clean technology does not require air treatment (HVAC) to be shut down, and minimizes room downtime.

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Adapting to your needs

In compliance with the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, we offer disinfection treatments adapted to your premises. We support the implementation of ELOANE and the launch of defined treatments. A plan of your rooms enables us to make an initial budgetary estimate.

Confidence and security

Prior contact with our facility will enable us to define the most suitable treatment, depending on the strains encountered and the availability of premises. Eloane achieves logarithmic reductions of 5 to 6 log in very short times on the most complex strains to destroy. ELOANE uses no chemical consumables, and users can enter the room immediately after treatment.

Final inspection and warranty

A full report is issued for each treatment. The procedure followed and the treatment applied are described. All results are measured using colorimetric indicators as well as bioindicators supplied by an independent company .

Where can I find Servipulz

  • All pharmaceutical production areas.
  • All atmosphere-controlled areas.
  • Control and research laboratories.

When to use Servipulz

  • Clean rooms during annual shutdowns.
  • Spot disinfection in the event of microbiological incidents observed by monitoring.
  • Scheduled annual disinfections.