Biopulz is a technological startup with the desire to offer solutions adapted to the professional ecosystems that surround it.

His vision: to harness the complexity of intense pulsed light technology for ease of use and allow professionals to disinfect as much as necessary where the risk of infection is not permitted.

To do this, it has created a chemical-free solution, adapted to their environment: Eloane, the 1st European robot for disinfection of surfaces using intense pulsed light technology.

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The team

An experienced team with complementary skills.

Janyce FRANC – R&D

Doctor of optics, former CNRS researcher, Janyce FRANC has nearly 17 years of experience in innovation at the heart of the optical field and pulsed light. Holder of 5 patents and dozens of scientific publications, she is passionate about research applied to industry.

Christophe PUISNEL – Production

Christophe PUISNEL has more than 25 years of experience in the industrial sector. Holder of 3 application patents in the field of pulsed light, he has affinities for innovative mechanical developments. He is particularly interested in production and quality management.

Christophe DUFOUR – Business

Christophe DUFOUR has more than 30 years of experience in the hygiene sector in industry and in the health sector in France and internationally. Holder of an MBA from EDHEC, he has always developed strategies based on innovation in highly regulated professional environments.

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