1st European automaton using Intense Pulsed Light technology to disinfect surfaces

Discover Eloane

Eloane, surface disinfection solution

Un large spectre garantissant jusqu’à 6 log de réduction sur Bacillus subtilis

Une rotation à 360° pour une efficacité optimale

Un écran large et une interface de pilotage ergonomique

Eloane power

Only 10 min

to disinfect a potentially contaminated space

Up to 6 log reduction

on Bacillus subtilis

Autonomous operation

with recording and storage of space treatment data

Guarantee of user safety

thanks to its presence detector

A clean solution

A process without chemicals or consumables

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Fields of application

The Eloane robot has been designed to meet the needs of healthcare establishments (hospitals, clinics, clean rooms and laboratories) to disinfect immediately and as much as necessary all areas where risk of infection is not allowed.

Patient rooms

Operating theaters

Exam rooms

Waiting areas or rooms

Clean rooms in pharmaceutical industry

Eloane operates autonomously using a remote application, and completely secure for users and the public, thanks to presence detectors deactivating the robot if necessary.

The accessories

The effectiveness of Eloane can be monitored regularly using two devices: biological indicators from recognized laboratories and / or colored indicators.

The biological indicators are:

  • Without risk
  • All types of germs can be offered: Aspergillus brasiliensis, Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.
  • Simple and fast
  • Refrigerated transport
  • Traceability
  • End of test report

Size : 18×22 mm
Microbial Load : 3 to 6 log
Results in 5 to 10 days depending on the chosen germ

Colored indicators

Colored indicators are a qualitative method.

The color changes from yellow to red under the action of UV. A simple and instant method of checking the UV dose in mJ / cm²!

The lamp

The lamp is the only consumable in Eloane equipment. It only takes a few minutes to perform periodic maintenance. Running costs are reduced.

Biopulz after-sales service

In order to guarantee you optimal and sustainable use of the Eloane robot, after-sales service is provided by the Biopulz teams: by our technicians, in France (using tutorials for simple interventions) or by our international approved distributors.