1st European automatic surface disinfection robot
based on
intense pulsed light technology

Technology : Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

A simple and effective physical surface disinfection process.
Thanks to the intensity of flashes of light, Eloane eliminates all pathogenic microorganisms present on a surface in just 10 minutes.

Patent pending
Tests carried out in accordance with standard EN 17 272 – bactericide, fungicide, sporicide, virucide.

Eloane, surface disinfection solution

A broad spectrum guaranteeing up to 6 log reduction on Bacillus subtilis

360° rotation for optimal efficiency

A large screen and an ergonomic piloting interface

Eloane power


10 min to disinfect a space, with immediate recovery of the room after data processing


Up to 6 log reduction in Bacillus subtilis spores in 10 minutes


All processing is recorded and stored


Proven technology guaranteeing the longevity of the machine


The Eloane offer

Intended for professionals in the medical sector, healthcare establishments and the pharmaceutical industry, Eloane guarantees the total and reliable elimination of viruses, bacteria, viruses, yeasts, molds and bacterial spores , present on surfaces.

Our robot is delivered in a non-recoverable protective case.

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