The power of intense pulsed light

Intense Pulsed Light treatment is a process which, thanks to flashes of white light, destroys the microorganisms present on a surface.

The combination of an intense flash and a high dose of UV results in very high levels of disinfection (3 to 6 log reduction).

Thanks to a broad spectrum between 180 nm and 1100 nm, decontamination is effective on all types of germs, up to the most difficult: mold and / or bacteria spores, pathogens, viruses. The Intense Pulsed Light process goes further. It instantly destroys the microorganism’s double stranded DNA, stopping all replication.

Pulsed light disinfection is a simple, safe, efficient and chemical-free method.

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A proven disinfection process

Between 180 nm and 1100 nm

The broad spectrum of Intense Pulsed Light achieves high levels of disinfection on all germs (molds, bacteria, pathogens, spores, viruses).

100% clean

The technology using Pulsed Light is called “clean technology“: no water consumption, no chemicals, no toxic gas. Xenon gas contained in lamps is chemically inert unlike UV-based mercury gas which is toxic to humans and the environment.
The Biopulz solution is completely respectful of the environment.

100,000 times

The wavelength spectrum reproduces 100,000 times the spectrum of the Sun. The decontamination process is then ultra-fast.

To fully understand the action of pulsed light

Pulsed Light will have the power of decontamination, disinfection or even sterilization depending on the surface, its difficulty to be reached, its cleanliness.

Decontamination (log 2 or 3) is a microbial reduction action that makes the environment or the treated object healthy and harmless.

Disinfection (log 4 or 5) is a process that eliminates all unwanted microorganisms without reaching zero level. The aim is therefore to eliminate the so-called infectious risk.

Sterilization (log 6) aims to destroy all microorganisms in a sustainable manner until the probability of having a chance of survival of a microorganism of less than 1 in 1 million is assured. All life is eliminated.